By Dean Haspiel

Along with TRIP CITY artists, photographers and painters like Jen Ferguson, and Seth Kushner, I will be showing and selling an original Billy Dogma piece and a limited edition of prints [see above] inspired by The Brooklyn Bridge and “The Last Romantic Antihero” at The 3rd Annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Celebration group art show at Brooklyn Tattoo and Urban Folk Art Gallery launching May 25th. I have never sold an original Billy Dogma piece, so this is kind of special to me.

–Dean Haspiel


Brooklyn, New York; It is a time honored tattoo parlour tradition to commemorate  an auspicious date or event  with a themed tattoo. Shops have long been inking 13 dollar “13” tattoos when that date falls on Friday the 13th, or offers $31 dollar Halloween imaged tattoos on October 31st. With this thought in mind, and because of the great success of the last 2 years, Brooklyn Tattoo® is proud to announce the 3rd annual Brooklyn Bridge 129th Birthday Celebration. They have decided once again to honor one of their biggest inspirations, the Brooklyn Bridge, by offering $29 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos on Sunday May 27th , 2 days before the Bridge’s 128th anniversary (May 24th). Also in the Urban Folk Art© Gallery, adjacent to the shop, there will be a group art show commemorating the Brooklyn Bridge through the eyes of many local artists and expressed in many mediums. The opening for this show is Friday, May 25th.
On Friday May 25th, from 7pm to 11pm, there will be an art opening in the gallery. Over 20 artists of varying mediums and artistic backgrounds will contribute to the show. Painters illustrators, educators, photographers, comic book makers, tattooers, and more will present their homage to the bridge. Following on Sunday May 27th from 1-7, those interested in receiving a Brooklyn Bridge themed tattoo can show up at the shop-Brooklyn Tattoo®, 99 Smith Street, Brooklyn, and pick from several flash (pre-drawn) images that evoke the spirit that has defined New York’s iconic skyline. Tattoos will be done by several of the Brooklyn Tattoo® staff on a first come, first serve basis. Also, for those not committed enough to join ink to skin, copies of the flash design sheets will be available for purchase as well as a limited edition book Adam Suerte put together showcasing 50 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos he’s done in the past. Also, Brooklyn Bridge t-shirts, pint and shot glasses, and other Brooklyn Bridge themed merch will be sold in the Gallery as usual.
This two part event is sponsored by our good friends up the block at Bar Great Harry

Brooklyn Tattoo®
 has been operating in South Brooklyn for over 10 years, and the Urban Folk Art© collective has been putting on artshows in the neighborhood for as long. The gallery was opened in January 2011, they exhibit various genres of work from contemporary painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking and photography, legendary graffiti artists to comic art. The gallery shows a range of undiscovered, emerging, and established artists. The collective’s belief is that the cross marketing of each other and the gallery as a whole as a mutually supportive resource is a valuable way for emerging artists to gain a wider audience for it’s members, the group, and the artists the gallery supports.
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