Time Fucker in: “I’m Taking this Laying Down!” Part 4

By Joe Infurnari

Y ou did it! Give yourself a pat on the back for having made it to the end. You now stand at the threshold beyond which others feared to tread…the ‘explosive’ ending of Time Fucker.

It’s true. I’ve asked friends and collaborators about this and some admitted they couldn’t take it. Some couldn’t even make it past the first page! They know who they are and they are of no concern to us.

Ours is the burden of the iron stomached! We are the resolute who stare steely-eyed in the face of good taste and propriety and defy social mores with a bellowing roar of, “True art exists outside MORALITY!”

To recap last week’s update:

Salvatore Ghesboro’s chrono-campaign to Time Fuck his half brother Dick has careened all the way back to mankind’s origins. Upon returning to present day Hoboken, Sal may have Time Fucked humanity itself! He quickly escapes the clutches of the giant hamsters and returns to the night before Dick was conceived. There, Sal completes his mission and Time Fucks Dick out of existence. Upon his return to present day Hoboken, Sal finds he is married to his childhood love, Sally Lever! At last he can finally have that kiss he’s always waited for, right!? Wrong…

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