Time Fucker in: “I’m Taking this Laying Down!” Part 3

By Joe Infurnari

A s I write this post, the endlessly charming local high school students are getting out and among their usual rabble a voice pierces the noise; “Yo, I fuck yo muthah!” “Yo, I fuck yo muthah!”

To recap from last week’s update:

Salvatore’s Ghesboro’s plan to Time Fuck his brother, Dick,  out of existence has had a few bumps along the way. After trying to screw Screaming’ Jay Hawkins’ entire lineage of shreiking shrews most of the bumps are on Sal’s head! But not before he successfully impregnates Screamin’ Jay’s oldest descendent, Lucy the Missing Link. Upon returning to the present, Sal is met with a surprise. Humanity is no longer top dog. The human race rests in the clutches of highly evolved hamsters!

And so the stage is set for Part Three of Time Fucker in “I’m Taking this Laying Down!”

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