Montero Bar & Grill

By Dean Haspiel

W hen Stephen Elliott, author and editor-in-chief of THE RUMPUS, invited me to participate in, “Letters In The Mail, I was honored and excited to add my sensibilities to a project that attracted writers like Dave Eggers, Marc Maron, Janet Fitch, Nick Flynn, Margaret Cho, Cheryl Strayed, Wendy MacNaughton, Emily Gould, Tao Lin, and Jonathan Ames, to name a few. Like most folks my age, I used to write letters all the time before the internet and email. Personal letters are important because they’re a time capsule and an extension of your DNA. Stephen asked that I write my letter in the form of a comic and I decided to reminisce about Montero Bar & Grill, the first bar I ever fell in love with.

One of the great things about contributing to Letters In The Mail is receiving personal responses.