By Guest Contributor

Larry O’Neil’s TRONT’S QUEST
is the sensuous and provocative tale of a Dungeons & Dragons game gone wrong.

Starring funnyman/thespian, Matt Champagne, who has appeared in commercials for Jack In The Box, Dell, and AT&T, as well as many high quality network television programs. Shot some time ago in New York City. Please be sure to listen to Dean Haspiel talk to Larry O’Neil about their friendship, their lost & found comic collaboration, FEAR CITY, and the trials and tribulations of making movies at the TRIP CITY PODCAST.


Blame: Larry O’Neil

Producer Jim Harrison

Director Of Photography Eddie Martinez

Production Design Laura Hyman

Edited by Steve Levine, Marisa Benedetto, and Gabriel Wrye

Assistant Camera Abbi Jutkowitx

Gaffer Mike Selemon

Assistant Director Perri Pivovar

Costume Design Mary Burke

Music By Mike Hart

Additional songs by Christian Urich


Matt Champagne – Todd/Tront

Roger Schoening – Barry The Game Master

Christian Urich – Bryce/Mill The Half Dwarf

Perri Pivovar – Connie/Millennium Clover-wing

Milton Katz – Arnold/Algerate The Wizard

Marifran O’Neil – Todd’s Mother

Jena Necrason – The Foxy Secretary

John DeMaio – Todd’s Boss

Dean Haspiel – The Blacksmith

[Matt Champagne]

[Roger Schoening]

[Perri Pivovar and Christian Urich]

[Dean Haspiel]

[Larry O’Neil, 2/28/2012. Photographed by Seth Kushner]

Lawrence O’Neil
has written professionally for HBO, Warner Brothers, Fox, MGM, Lion’s Gate, Showtime, and Artisan. He has directed two feature films and produced three others. “Throwing Down,” his first film as writer and director, won the award for best feature at the Hampton’s International Film Festival. Variety called it, “An audaciously original crime drama… a splendid debut by writer/director Lawrence O’Neil… suspenseful and impeccably directed.” Seattle Times wrote, ‘A twisted treat that manages to be as suspenseful as it is funny.’ He then directed the HBO feature “Breast Men,” starring David Schwimmer, Chris Cooper, and Emily Proctor. Entertainment Weekly described it as ‘the Boogie Nights of the fake boob industry’ and Variety called it ‘an entertaining treasure.’

Larry’s father, Dennis O’Neil, is a famous comic book writer.

Larry’s latest short film, “Tront’s Quest,” is a provocative coming of age tale. It is the latest in a series of personal embarrassments for which Larry is deeply ashamed.