By Dean Haspiel

M aking its worldwide debut, 27-years since its inception, are the first 12-pages of FEAR CITY, the only comic book collaboration between writer/filmmaker, Larry O’Neil, and artist, Dean Haspiel, from their NYC high school days. Drawn between 1985 – 1986 [when they were 17 going on 18], the original script is buried somewhere in the dusty boxes of either authors archive but the storytelling should be clear enough to excavate a strong sense of narrative from the bold, albeit crude, art. Influenced by the works of Martin Scorcese’s Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, Walter Hill’s The Warriors, Alex Cox’s Repo Man and Sid & Nancy, Frank Miller’s Daredevil, Doug Moench & Bill Sienkiewicz’ Moon Knight, Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg!, Blaxploitation films, and the salacious 1982 action/drama, Vice Squad, FEAR CITY, was the result of too much rebellious testosterone and teenage angst. To be honest, it was probably the onset of dating real-life girls that killed the momentum of this promising grind-house inspired comic book.

Listen to Dean Haspiel’s discussion with Larry O’Neil at the TRIP CITY Podcast and, please watch Larry’s short film, TRONT’S QUEST, the sensuous and provocative tale of a Dungeons & Dragons game gone wrong.