By Dean Haspiel


TRIP CITY would like to thank Matthew Badham, Joe Gordon, and Nick Abadzis, for sparking an intensive yet highly enjoyable and entertaining, two-part TRIP CITY roundtable at the Forbidden Planet International blog.

Part 1

Part 2

Here are a few excerpts from Part 2:

“I am still surprised by the offerings on TRIP CITY — Every time I stop in, I unwrap a new idea.”
— Jennifer Hayden, UNDERWIRE, S’CRAPBOOK

“Trip City’s sort of a wormhole into another one, which I think will be very entertaining”

“Comix is just one component of TRIP CITY. And, if someone came to read artist/writer Jenn Shannon’s personal report on Richard Serra’s “Junction/Cycle,” or a profile from Seth Kushner’s Culture POP series, or Jen Ferguson’s heart-charming “Metrollpolis,” or a short zombie story by Jef UK, or an upcoming, erotically-charged holiday ditty by award-winning poet/author, Sandra Beasley, and stumbled upon our comix, too, then they’re taking full advantage of the expansive TRIP CITY experience. Why limit our works to one kind of fan-base? Otherwise, no. There is no mission statement, as far as I’m concerned, to teach people the power of comix. That’s like trying to convince people that air and water is cool. Comix, like life, is essential.”

“Q: What’s the thing to come out of Trip City that will be the single greatest cultural event of the millennium? A: Joe Infurnari’s Time Fucker coming soon to Trip City.”
–Joe Infurnari, MUSH: Sled Dogs With Issues, Memoirs of the Kid Immortal