By TRIP CITY Podcast

Dean Haspiel has a candid conversation with actress/playwright/filmmaker, Halley Feiffer, the daughter of famous satirist/playwright/cartoonist, Jules Feiffer, and writer/actress/comedian, Jenny Allen, and they discuss Halley’s career, the differences between theater and film, and what it means to let your kitchen faucet drip. And, check out Halley’s brilliant short play, Thank You So Much For Stopping.

Seth Kushner & Amy Finkel traveled to New Jersey to the Chiller Theater, a nostalgia fan convention, and they talked with such stars as Burt Young from Rocky, Carol Spinny, the puppeteer and voice behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird, the kids from  the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Frank Vincent from The Sopranos, and many more. Also, be sure to view, Icons of Pop, Seth’s gallery of photographic portraits of all the cool stars they met including Martin  Landau, Bruce Dern, and many others.

Our featured closing track is “ND Passerby” by the band, Late Cambrian.

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

[Halley Feiffer and Dean Haspiel]

[Richard Kiel aka “Jaws” from the James Bond films with Amy Finkel]

Photographs by Seth Kushner