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In TRIP CITY podcast #8, Dean Haspiel conducts an interview with author, Jonathan Vankin, and they discuss his years as a journalist and writer, his time shepherding literary graphic novels as a senior editor at Vertigo/DC Comics, his thoughts behind conspiracy theories and whether or not man truly walked on the moon, and the unproduced screenplay he wrote for Japanese filmmaker, Takashi Miike. Dean also talks to singer/actress, Kirsten Holly Smith, who has devoted herself to researching, writing, and producing her musical about the legendary Dusty Springfield, where she sings a live version of “Son of a Preacher Man” in the confines of Hang Dai Studios. The podcast also boasts four poems by two New York poets, Caits Meissner and Tishon, from their first collaborative book, The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You, as well as, a spoken-word performance of Chris Miskiewicz’  “Nineteen Year Old Polish Girl Down the Block ,” accompanied by the music of Vezio Bacci [of the London band, Big Linda].

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Seth Kushner debuts The Schmuck Diaries with “Mein Roommate,” a 4th Reich ridicule to his monthly Schmuck comix series, and also offers “My Youth In Comics,” a Personal Pop essay. Dean Haspiel delivers two Room Tone stories and wonders when to say goodbye in “The Last Time,” and, while on crutches, confronts a deranged GG Allin in “Body English.” Jef UK drops another installment of Time Bum with art by Paul Ahern, and debuts his new monthly comic series, Thomas The Headless Boy, with artist Aaron Bir. Chris Miskiewicz emits two Signals [his spoken-word series] with the Philip K. Dick inspired, “Which You?” and reveals the reason why he types in public with  “The Writer.” Plus, new installments of Dan Goldman’s Gringo-in-Brazil essay series, Toucannui, Jen Ferguson’s urban fable, Metrollpolis, Ron Scalzo’s A Dozen Movies That Scared The Shit Out Of Me, Revisited – Part 4: Pinocchio, with gorgeous art by Rick Parker, Jennifer Hayden takes us for a “Night walk” in S’Crapbook, and the final episode of  Jonathan Vankin’s Please Don’t Change The Facts, memories of a mercenary journalist at the world’s largest newspaper, with art by Simon Gane.

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

–Vankin & Smith portrait by Seth Kushner