By Dean Haspiel

Happy Sixth Anniversary, ACT-I-VATE!

ACT-I-VATE, the premiere webcomix collective conceived by Dean Haspiel, debuted February 1st, 2006, on the blogging platform, Livejournal, and featured the works of founding members Dean Haspiel, Dan Goldman, Nick Bertozzi, Michel Fiffe, Leland Purvis, Nikki Cook, Tim Hamilton, and Josh Neufeld. Since then, the curated collective has expanded by hand-picking cartoonists to achieve its current membership. ACT-I-VATE features original, serialized graphic novels and its select artists produce their signature work sans editorial oversight; offering personal comix for free. ACT-I-VATE is known for having lifted the veil between creation, creator, and reader by providing a forum for spirited dialogue between audience and auteur. The website confirms one of ACT-I-VATE’s core tenets: that the artists and writers of this curated comix community are the optimal providers of intellectual properties and original content.

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