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In this episode of the TRIP CITY podcast, Dean Haspiel interviewed his father/author/archivist, James Haspiel, during Thanksgiving last year, and they talk about James’ friend, the late, great Marilyn Monroe. They contrast MM’s impact on society 50-years after her death and James tells a moving story about a 12-year old Wisconsin boy. Also, Seth Kushner talks to author/cartoonist, Bob Fingerman, about his latest novel, Pariah, and they look back at his graphic novel, Beg The Question, and discuss “speculative memoir.” Plus, “Film Noir,” an unpublished song from the vaults of the psychedelic rock band, Swinger 8.

This weeks TRIP CITY highlights:

Ever wonder what happened to those Pro Wresting giants from the 1980’s? Seth Kushner knows in, “Wrestling with Big Fat Freddy,” while the second installment of poet/author, Sandra Beasley’s Modern Alice, keeps TRIP CITY tumescent with “Knock Knock.” Plus, “The Magical World of Shrinq’I’Dinqs” by Krista Dragomer.

Dean Haspiel drops two prose pieces from his Room Tone series;  “The Icebox” and “Fire Man.” Plus, a personal profile on his mother, Barbara Haspiel: Saving Souls and Protecting Lives, which makes the perfect compliment to Seth Kushner’s CulturePOP: James Haspiel – The One and Only.

Dan Goldman launches, TOUCANNUI, his “Gringo in Brazil,” bi-weekly non-fiction series, and Jonathan Vankin delivers two more parts of his 5-part series, “Please Don’t Change The Facts – Memoirs of a Mercenary Journalist at the World’s Largest Newspaper.” Finally, there are new episodes of Nick Bertozzi’s LAD ZEPPELIN,  Nick Abadzis’ SUBTERRANEAN STORIES,  Americans UK madness from Jef UK, and a couple more spoken-word Signals from our TRIP CITY podcast producer, Chris Miskiewicz.

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

Bob Fingerman portrait by Seth Kushner

[James Haspiel and Dean Haspiel in Brooklyn, NY on Thanksgiving Day, 2011]

 [Chris Miskiewicz doing what it takes to produce the podcast. Photo by Paul Bosche]