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This week at TRIP CITY, Jef UK interviews author, Jonathan Lethem, about his new book collection, The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc., and previous works. We also interview cartoonist, Joe Infurnari, about his new graphic novel, MUSH! Sled Dogs With Issues! [in collaboration with The Colbert Report writer, Glenn Eichler], and discuss his process and Yale arts roots. Plus, brief interviews with cartoonists who attended the 2011 Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival, and our featured closing track “Hotel Room” by Swinger Eight.

This weeks TRIP CITY highlights:

Seth Kushner launches his new comix series, SCHMUCK, with artist, Kevin Colden, who will also be posting a new episode of BABY WITH A MOHAWK.

Author, conspiracy theorist, and comix writer/editor, Jonathan Vankin, debuts his weekly, 5-part series, “Please Don’t Change The Facts – Memoirs of a Mercenary Journalist at the World’s Largest Newspaper,” with illustrations by artist, Simon Gane.

Also, “Back on Nervous Street,” a comic collaboration by Jonathan Lethem & Dean Haspiel, Time Bum #1 by Americans UK, and a new S’CRAPBOOK comic by Jennifer Hayden. Plus, much more.

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

[Dean Haspiel, Jonathan Lethem, Jef UK, & Seth Kushner at Hang Dai Studios in November, 2011]

[Joe Infurnari at Hang Dai Studios post Spanish food meal]

[Chris Miskiewicz craps out our latest podcast]

Jonathan Lethem portrait by Seth Kushner