By TRIP CITY Podcast

TRIP CITY Podcast #5 highlights Dean Haspiel’s couch interview with cartoonist, Dan Goldman, from October, where they discussed Dan’s comics career, his process,  the digital revolution, and the future.  This holiday special was broadcast “live” from the Trip City Xmas Party at the top of Hang Dai Studios. The party features “Christmas Murderer” by Jef UK, a “live” performance by Americans UK where they played jams from their album, “Live From Another Dimension,” an intimate interview with a famous theoretical physicist, an impromptu lesson about how to get an Emmy Award in “How To In Two,”  and the debut of the band, The Something of Hope, with their Xmas song, “And so this is ChrisMis.”


Please view the Dan Goldman gallery and RED LIGHT PROPERTIES: A Series of Tubes.

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

Dan Goldman portrait by Tomas Rangel