By Jef UK


Experience the sexy, smooth-wave sensations of AM/UK’s latest offering, LUXURIA, on rich, textured vinyl, now available at Black Gold Records & Coffee, in Carroll Gardens, BK. 

You can also get MP3 copies here on Amazon, or here on iTunes.

Jef UK and JTR3 say:

Ladies, you will salivate when you bite our first forbidden apple, “Soccer Practice,” whereby our saxes and slap bass will incite the tide inside your jeans.  Gentlemen, don’t let that temptress give you her Biblical knowledge–heed the warning of our cautionary tail, tittilatingly titled, “European Jailbait.”  Drop the needle on copulation when listening hard to “Love Is On My Mind,”  with bass engorged and throbbing, dripping hot beats across your back.  Astral glide into new, sensual horizons with our deep secret, original formula, “Immaculate Sanchez”–pleasure yourself to its submissive guitars and willing horns.  The neighbors will invite you to their key party when they hear “Inappropriate Words To Your Mother (Suburban Yacht Mix)” pumping through thin walls.  Get that kitty.