By Jef UK

C lick here to hear Jef UK discuss the relationship between comic books and rock n’ roll, and spill the beans about Trip City a little too early (and thereby give the wrong web address–oops!), as interviewed on the Boldly Going Nowhere Podcast at SPX 2011.

BGN says:

In this, our penultimate episode, we interview Jef UK, the front man for the sci-fi punk rock band Americans UK. Jef is also a writer of fiction as well as the publisher of a free comic (also entitled Americans UK) which follows the adventures of the band. Jef joins us to discuss, among other things, the Beastie Boys and how awesome the X-Men cartoon theme song was. Check out his stuff at and

Also, listen at the end for the song “Cooler than You” off the free I, Ape-Man EP available on the Americans UK website.