By Jef UK

S tarting next Wednesday, 12/7/11, Americans UK:  Live From Another Dimension – Part 1, will be available for FREE download, exclusively here in Trip City!

Part 2 will be available for FREE download the following Wednesday, 12/14/11.

And Part 3 will be available for FREE download on Wednesday, 12/21/11.

Think of it as our X-Mas gift to the planet Earth!  We rocked out some old faves, alongside some new tunes, in front of a crowd of thousands–just for you.  Stick around for the freestyle rap-off encore, natch.  You’ll see.

Songs include:

Giants Walk Intro

Cooler Than You


Zombies Attack!!!

Titans of Tyranny


Sons of Ba’al

Daffy’s in the Hizzy (Rap Battle)


I love you all,

Jef UK