By TRIP CITY Podcast

TRIP CITY Podcast #1 highlights a round table interview with the TRIP CITY founders, Chris Miskiewicz’ New York Comicon 2011 report, Ron Scalzo’s “Ronnie’s Story,” graphic novelist, Dan Goldman’s exclusive interview with filmmaker, Michael Moore, and the Americans UK’s single “You Can’t Kill The Americans UK.”

Comics author Dan Goldman (whose works include SHOOTING WAR, the nonfiction graphic novel 08: A GRAPHIC DIARY OF THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL and his current haunted real-estate series RED LIGHT PROPERTIES) conducted this exclusive interview with Michael Moore on October 7th for Trip City. Touching on Moore’s new book HERE COMES TROUBLE, unchecked capitalism and the #Occupy movement, this interview was conducted at BookCourt, the premiere independent book store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Special thanks to Seth Kushner, Dean Haspiel, Josh Frankel, Zack Zook, BookCourt, and Michael Moore.

Photo by Seth Kushner

The TRIP CITY podcast produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.

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