Thomas Alsop (Official Live Action Trailer)

Thomas Alsop, The Hand of the Island, celebrity, and occult investigator who’s family has been charged with the task of protecting Manhattan from supernatural threats for the last three hundred years. He’s also the host of the popular cable TV show, Thomas Alsop – Supernatural Detective. Thomas Alsop: The Hand of the Island  is based on […]

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Lights Out In Zap City

Sci-fi rock band Americans UK battle a swarm of futuristic drones in the rock-dance hit of 2014!! Produced in bedrooms throughout Brooklyn, “Lights Out In Zap City” is a testament to the modern ability of DIY projects, and good use of consumer technology to create professional music and videos at home. Brooklyn-based band Americans UK […]

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Sci-fi, rock band, Americans UK, are on the run through time to save their murdered bandmates! Now remastered for the web, this comic originally appeared in print as Americans UK #3. Buy the song and album here. One if by land, two if by sea, three if by rock. Three, Jef UK  

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Secret Identity

Secret Identity Meet Tommy (Zachariah Durr) the newest hire at an office where everything is slightly off. Tommy finds himself constantly taunted by his cubical mate, Ted (Chris Miskiewicz) while having to endure uncomfortable and awkward conversations with his Boss (Paul Coughlan) and the rest of the staff. Directed by Christopher Piazza Written by Chris […]

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Read the comic while you listen to the tune, so as to fully experience the post-punk-apocalyptic might that is, “I, Ape-Man.” Then come back here for a minute, I’ve got a couple of things I want to tell you.     I, APE-MAN came into being as a song in the long long ago, in […]

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Which You?

“I’m very old fashioned for a bisexual polyamorous girl,” she said as I lit a cigarette, which was an odd thing to do since I don’t smoke. “Well that’s very interesting, but I’m afraid that we’re out of time. I have another appointment down the block at three.” Her smile dropped some of its […]

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Baby With A Mohawk – 4

Read Baby With A Mohawk -1 Read Baby With A Mohawk -2 Read Baby With A Mohawk -3 Kevin Colden is the creator of the Xeric Grant-awarded and Eisner Award-nominee, graphic novel, Fishtown, published by IDW, and has most recently illustrated The Crow: Death and Rebirth, also published by IDW. Follow him on Twitter here!

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Adrift written by Chris Miskiewicz. Art by Kate McElroy.

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NEW NEW YORK: Michael Pitt

The rain beat down, the reverberating thuds sounded like bullets on the subway window. I saw multicolored pains of glass and graffiti telling me to “do more” when I suddenly realized I was in Brooklyn. I exited on the northwest corner of the street and hoped my way would reveal itself. A man in a […]

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SCHMUCK 17: Discotheque

  “SCHMUCK has a heart underneath its gritty crude input from main character Adam Kessler’s friends, a belief that love will find you in the end.”– Hannah Means Shannon, The Beat “While SCHMUCK is packed with humorous anecdotes I feel that the relate-ability of this book is the most powerful aspect of it.” – Justin […]

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Beacon Lights: The Theme

Beacon Lights by Minneapolis cartoonist George Jurard, is a series of loosely inter-locking stories that take place over the course of 200 years. Throughout our lives, we are perpetually in the act of pursuit. We are always seeking something in the distance— a beacon, a light, that calls us to action. But, each action has […]

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The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery – Chapter Six: The Riddle of a Thousand Faces (Part Two) “Shakespeare and Watson are hot on a case of a serial killer who leaves Shakespearean quotes on his victims bodies. However, not all is as it seems when Shakespeare comes face to face with someone from […]

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